Troublesome Trio, AKA Operation T.I.T. (Troublesome, irritating tots) revolves around three little snotty brats (Vulture, JNF and TACD) because they have been causing shit around TLH wiki. They keep assuming people's age like Nicholas Blaksche and constantly brag about incorrect information to admins and mods in hopes to get Nicholas punished, I guess sorta? Their close friends are Michael... (add on) And also Tyler is a bitch too so we should add him into this group of people we must destroy so I guess there's four people in the group now and this operation name makes no sense now but oh well fuck this shit. 

The three arses have terrible English and grammar while Tyler is always fucking serious and always want to be in the league of experts (Ice, Vossie, Veen...) but no way he ain't getting in.

Orangebird is their archnemesis and is always posting inappropriate stuff in the ideas of episodes forum.

We must erradicate this nonsense at once. Now who's with me?